• This course covers the theory, design, development, and deployment of multimedia-based content for language learning. Construction of content for immediate practitioner application, along with appropriate models of instruction, and the effective application of multimedia materials, is explored.

    Self enrolment: Design & Development of Interactive Multimedia Instructional Systems
  • This course focuses on 'the curriculum approach' to designing programs and courses. Topics covered include needs assessment, environment analysis, setting goals and aims, choosing formats, assessment, evaluation, negotiating syllabi, adapting textbooks, and overall curriculum design in the age of English as an international language. We will also look at a number of examples of curricula used throughout the world to provide a better idea of what these ideas look like in practice. Students will produce a series of short assignments that will result in the development of a curriculum portfolio one could use in a job interview to demonstrate that one has skills in curriculum design.

    Self enrolment: ESL/EFL Curriculum and Materials Development (2014)
  • This course looks at how cultural globalization relates to English language teaching. Readings will examine ways to teach World Englishes, how to teach social justice in EFL environments, and second language learner and teacher identities in EFL classrooms. 

    Self enrolment: Globalization, World Englishes, Social Justice and English Language Teaching
  • This is a foundational and required course for TESOL-Multimedia majors. It covers numerous educational theories and research in historical, philosophical, socio-cultural, and other diverse contexts so that students can make connections between the various theoretical discourses, research and teaching practices they will experience or be engaged in the future. This is a seminar course in which students are asked to make presentations and lead discussions based on weekly readings.

    Self enrolment: Issues in TESOL (Spring)
  • This course looks at a variety of approaches that have been used to interpret literature and film to provide course participants with a robust toolbox they can draw on to analyze literature, film, other multimedia artifacts as well as more mundane documents of daily life. In addition, some time will be devoted to looking at how literature and film have been taught in TESOL. The final half hour of each class will be spent applying the theories to the analysis of literature and/or film. 

    Self enrolment: Literature and Film in TESOL Education
  • This course covers numerous educational theories pertaining to the Applied Linguistics field of Computer Assisted Language Learning. Practical aspects of multimedia use and technology are also related to language teaching contexts and the current state of practice.

    Self enrolment: Media Technology in Education